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Outlook on the Web Add-In

Ability to encrypt your email, upload files securely, create password hint and add your own secure file upload signature in Outlook on the web. Follow the instructions below on how to install add-on.

How to Install Add-In

Step 1  -  Get Add-Ins

Log into Outlook Live and click 'New Message'. Compose message and then click the three dots on bottom of email message and select 'Get Add-Ins' (see below).

Get Add-Ins

Step 2  -  Find Add-In in Outlook Store

In the add-ins page, search for Client Track Portal. Click 'Add'. That's it! The add-in is free.

*Note -  If you want to add add-in icon to your toolbar, follow Steps 3 - 5. If not, proceed to 'How to Use Portal Add-In' section.

Outlook Add-In

Step 3  -  Outlook Settings (Optional)

Click the gear icon on top right and click on 'View all Outlook settings' on very bottom (see below).

Outlook Settings

Step 4  -  Customize Actions (Optional)

From the sidebar, go to 'Mail > Customize Actions'. Scroll down to the 'Toolbar' section and check off 'Get Add-Ins' (see below) and click 'Save' on top. You can choose to do the same under the 'Message Surface' section (above 'Toolbar').

Customize Actions

Step 5  -  Add-Ins Shortcut

The Add-Ins icon appears on your toolbar next to three dots icons (see below). This is a shortcut to the Outlook Store.

Add-Ins Icon

How to Use Portal Add-In

Step 1  -  Portal Add-In

Click on the three dots icon on bottom of email message and go to 'Client Track Portal > Encrypt Email' (see below)

Portal Add-In

Step 2  -  Encrypt Email

In the Encrypt Email window, this is where you'll upload your files by drag 'n drop, enter in expiry #, password and password hint. When ready, click on 'Encrypt and overwrite email body'.

Encrypt Email

Step 3  -  Send Email

After you've encrypted your email and verify all of the information in email message, click 'Send'.

Send Email

How To Open Encrypted Email

Step 1  -  Email Notification

After email has been sent, the recipient will receive an email notification including a preview list of all of the uploaded files. To view the encrypted email content and files, click 'View/Download Encrypted Email' (see below).

* No Portal account required to view encrypted email *

Email Notification

Step 2  -  View Encrypted Email

Enter in the password based on password hint and click 'Unlock' to view encrypted email.

Step 3  -  Download Attached Files

In the encrypted email, you will see an email message from sender and attached files ready for download. Keep in mind, the links to the files will expire based on deadline date as indicated in the email notification (Step 5 screenshot).

Download Attached Files


We also offer a Client Track Portal app for your phone and tablet to make it much more convenient for you! The app is compatible with Android devices and available for download for FREE on Google Play.

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