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Send Secure Emails & Encrypted
Files To Clients the Fast Way!



Portal Plans

Access to Client Track Portal; cloud-based login system.

e-Signature Documents

Send PDF documents to your clients for signing directly from Client Track Portal.

Extra Storage

Additional space to your Client Track Portal account.


Portal Plans

To access Client Track Portal, we offer different Portal plans to choose from based on number of users.

Up To 2 Users

$39.00 / PER MONTH2


$425.00 / PER YEAR2

Up To 5 Users

$75.00 / PER MONTH2


$799.00 / PER YEAR2

Up To 9 Users

$125.00 / PER MONTH2


$1,349.00 / PER YEAR2

Need more users?

Contact Mark, our Sales representative via email with your information, how many users you need and he'll get back to you with a quote.

What's Included in the Client Track Portal

  •  Overall access to ALL desktop clients' information, tasks, appointments, shared folders and staff's workload
  •  Send Secure Emails
  •  Send Secure Document Request (by email)
  •  10 FREE Secure e-Signature Requests - Send PDF documents to your clients for signing directly from Client TrackPortal.
  •  Secure email with encrypted files
  •  Virtual Filing Cabinet - Cloud-based encrypted shared file storage so each of your clients can access secure shared folder
  •  Outlook Add-In - Send secure emails & encrypted files right from MS Outlook without needing to log into the Client Track Portal.
  •  Sync with powerful Client Track Desktop application
  •  My Vault - Cloud-based encrypted file storage for ALL of your files for back up and storage
  •  5GB Storage
  •  Chat messaging
  •  Send encrypted large files, up to 2GB
  •  Full cloud-based storage for all sent and received encrypted files
  •  Revoke secure emails & encrypted files sent in error
  •  Easily drag and drop files to quickly send encrypted files securely
  •  Can set limits for receipients for how long a secure file is available for download
  •  Online dashboard that provides full status info to see proof of delivery and receipient file download status
  •  View information for every e-mail sent or received
  •  Smart phone and tablet compatible
  •  Import all of your contacts

e-Signature Documents1

An e-Signature Document is a single PDF that can have as many e-Signatures as you like within that PDF. You only pay for the number of PDF documents you send out to be signed, not for the number of e-Signatures themselves.

e-Signatures never expire - That's right! You buy how many you need and keep them for as long as you want with no expiry.

10 e-Signature
PDF Documents

Every Portal firm receives the
FIRST 10 secure e-Signature
Documents for free.

100 e-Signature
PDF Documents

($1.10 per PDF document)

500 e-Signature
PDF Documents

($0.82 per PDF document)

1,000 e-Signature
PDF Documents

$ 800.00
($0.80 per PDF document)

2,500 e-Signature
PDF Documents

$ 1,950.00
($0.78 per PDF document)

Need More e-Signature
PDF Documents?

The higher the quantity, the lower it costs
per PDF document for signing.
Contact us for a quote.

Extra Storage1

Client Track Portal includes 5GB of storage by default. If you need more, we offer from 10GB to 100GB of extra storage.

Contact us to request a quote.

1 To purchase Extra Storage or e-Signature Documents, you need a minimum of 1 licence of Client Track Portal.

2 Monthly & Annual subscriptions are non-refundable. You can cancel your subscription anytime. To cancel, view our Cancellation Policy.

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