Cloud-based login system where you and your clients can share files securely online on the go



Sync with Google Calendar

Client Track Portal allows you to sync your calendar events, tasks, appointments and operating procedures with Google/G Suite calendar.

Operating Procedures

Client Track Portal gives you the ability to download and upload operating procedures (clients also can upload procedures themselves), automatically generated file structure and notify client of operating procedures past due.

Client Access

With our Client Access plan, you can select up to 25 clients to give Client Track Portal access to. The client can log in and only view their own tasks and documents and upload documents to an exclusive shared folder.

Portal Accounts

Client Track Portal gives administrators (Global Account) the ability to add portal accounts for employees within the same company to have access to the information online.

Missing Information

Client Track Portal shows you a list of all missing information (if any) you need or questions you may have for the client. The client can login at their convenience and upload the required documents you need to complete you task(s).

Chat Messaging

Communicating with your clients has never been easier thanks to Client Track Portal's built-in chat messaging. You and your clients can communicate regarding tasks, missing information, documents you need and more!


We also offer a Client Track Portal app for your phone and tablet to make it much more convenient for you! The app is compatible with Android devices and available for download for FREE on Google Play.

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