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Portal Updates

As Client Track Portal continue to grow with new features and improvements, we like to provide updates on what's been added.

What's Been Added

March 2022
- New client global permissions - restrict and control which files your clients can delete to have a file preservation system within our Portal.
- Replicate default folders for all of your clients - create a single default folder structure which gets replicated in each of your clients' shared folders - no need to manually create repeated folders for each client. You can have a different set of default foldersfor your personal tax clients than you do for your business clients.
- Find Next Signing Location button - allowing you to automatically jump to the next signature field in a signature PDF
- Option to automatically use last password - new setting to automatically use the last saved password instead of you having to manually click the 'Use last password' checkmark all the time. Also, when using multiple signing recipients, they each now uses their own password instead of the same password for the whole PDF.
- A better folder and file search feature - restrict the search to only files and folders within the selected folder and optionally, you can further choose to search in all subfolders as well.
- You can attach non-signing files to e-Signature emails - ability to attach non PDF files to a Secure e-Signature Request email that allows you to send clients other files like Excel spreadsheets and data files within the same Secure e-Signature Request emails.
February 2021
- Secure e-Signature Request (ability to add e-Signature to PDF documents for signing).
October 2020
- Manage Firms - Ability to add your own logo
- My Vault - Added 'Copy To' and 'Move To' functionality to file. Click the ... icon on file to view these options.
- Virtual Filing Cabinet - Added 'Copy To' and 'Move To' functionality to file. Click the ... icon on file to view these options.
August 2019
- Secure File Upload (ability to add your secure file upload link to email signature and/or website).
January 2019
- My Vault
- File Explorer renamed as 'Virtual Filing Cabinet'
December 2018
- Secure Document Request
September 2018
- Ability to be notified by email when clients upload documents
- Ability to export tables to pdf, excel, and copy to clipboard
- Column customization (view/hide columns based off what the client wants to see)
- User can overwrite files - client can overwrite if the user unchecks it as not done
- New and improved look for both desktop and mobile
- Updated responsive design and compact design option (compact design is default)
- Bug and performance fixes
June 2018
- Secure file sharing - send secure encrypted file link to third-party via email to download file
- Filter tasks/operating procedures by timeframe
- Mass file upload
- Ability to view files in column view (currently grid view option only)
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