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Send Secure Emails & Encrypted
Files To Clients the Fast Way!


Outlook Desktop

Ability to send secure emails & encrypted files right from MS Outlook without needing to log into the Client Track Portal. Follow the instructions below on how to setup and use our Outlook Add-In.

How to Install Outlook Add-In

Step 1  -  Outlook Add-In Installer

Download and install the Outlook Add-In setup file by clicking the button below.

Download Outlook Add-In Installer

Click Save File to being the installation setup.

Outlook Installer

Step 2  -  Add-In Setup Wizard

In Outlook Add-In setup wizard, click Install (1) and then click Finish (2) to complete setup wizard.

Setup Wizard

Step 3  -  Install Outlook Add-In

In the add-in popup, click Install (1). After the Outlook Add-In has been successfully installed, click Close (2).

Add-In Install

How to Use Outlook Add-In

Step 1  -  Outlook Add-In

Enter recipient's email, subject and message (1). Click the Client Track Portal tab (2) and then click Secure Email and Files (3).

Outlook Add-In

Step 2  -  Secure Your Email/Files

Select type of email from drop-down (1), enter password and password hint (2) and then click Add Files (3) to upload encrypted files. When ready, click Encrypt (4).

*** If you are sending a Secure e-Signature Request, you'll be able to see how many e-Signature Documents you have left.

Secure Email -  If you want to send a simple secure email & files to recipient

Secure Document Request -  If you want to send a secure email requesting documents from recipient

Secure e-Signature Request -  If you want to send a secure email & upload PDF documents to be signed by the recipient

Encrypt Email

Step 3  -  Send Secure Email/Files

After files have been uploaded and encrypted, click Send (2) to successfully send secure email/files.

Send Email

How Recipient Opens Your Encrypted Email

Step 1  -  Email Notification

After email has been sent, the recipient will receive an encrypted email notification including a preview list of all of the uploaded files. To view the encrypted email content and files, click View/Download Encrypted Email.

*Note -  No Portal account required to view encrypted email.

Email Notification

Step 2  -  Unlock Encrypted Email

Enter in the password based on password hint and click Unlock to view encrypted email.

Step 3  -  View Encrypted Email

In the encrypted email, you will see an email message from sender and attached files ready for download.

*Note -  The encrypted email with attached files will expire based on deadline date as indicated in the email notification (See Step 1).

View Encrypted Email
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