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Send Emails & Files To Clients
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Outlook Add-In

Encrypting an email message in Outlook using our Outlook Add-In converts readable plain text (unsecure) into encrypted text (secure) that only the recipient knows the password to unlock the encrypted email.

Need to setup the Outlook Add-In? Click Here.

Encrypt Your Email/Files

In compliance with Canada's Privacy Policy (PIPEDA), you can easily and securely send emails and files (i.e. financial) to anyone in Outlook using our Portal add-in.

Process only takes a couple of seconds and 1 button to encrypt your email.

Upload Secure Files via Email Signature

Each Portal user has a unique secure file upload link that can be added to your email signature where any recipient you send your email to can click and upload files to you securely. It's easy, quick, convenient and secure!

One System To Send Secure Emails

Best thing clients love about the Outlook Add-In is the ability to manage everything in one system. No need to log into Portal seperately to send secure emails and files.

Outlook Add-In Setup

Outlook Online

How to setup and send secure email using Outlook Add-In in Outlook on the Web as part of Microsoft 365 (was Office 365).

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Outlook Desktop

How to setup and send secure email using Outlook Add-In in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007 and Office 365.

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