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Send Emails & Files To Clients
the Fast and Secure Way!


Client Track Portal is a cloud-based login system that allows you to view your clients’ information, securely share and request files from your clients to make the process of chasing them down for missing information much less painful.

Client Track Portal Benefits

hosted company

Feel secure knowing that your clients’ information is encrypted and stored in Canada and hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Sync with
Client Track Desktop

Client Track Portal works with our Client Track Desktop - access your clients' information online via browser or smartphone.

Send Emails &
Files Securely

Easily and securely send an email and file(s) to any email address without your recipient needing to log into any accounts.

File Upload Link

Add your own secure file upload link to email signature/website where recipient can click on and upload files to you.

Share Files with
Clients via Shared Folder

Client can log in from any browser to view shared folder where you and your client can upload and share files with each other.

Portal's Add-In
With MS Outlook

Encrypt, upload files, create password hint and send secure email in MS Outlook without logging into Client Track Portal.

Why Use Client Track Portal?

Send Secure Email

Securely send emails and files to any recipient

Easily drag and drop files to quickly send files securely

Send large files, up to 2GB

Is an easier alternative to traditional FTP and emails

All data is Encrypted in transit and while stored online

Share Files with Clients & Document Request

You and your clients can upload and share files with each other via a secure shared folder using our 'Virtual Filing Cabinet

Anyone can securely send you files at any time using a 'Secure File Upload' link in your email signature or website

Easily drag and drop files to shared folder

Sync, Outlook Add-In and more...

Outlook Add-In - Encrypt your email and upload files in MS Outlook without logging into Portal

Backup and store all of your files in an encrypted ‘My Vault’

Sync with Google/G-Suite Calendar

Chat messaging with clients and more!

Client Track Portal is designed specifically for businesses where security and encryption is critical. All data sent through the portal is entirely encrypted, at all times, while in transit and while stored online.

How The Desktop Sync Works

Client Track Portal is an optional cloud-based add-on that works with Client Track Desktop.

Step 1 - Sync Client Track Desktop with Client Track Portal

Step 2 - Log into the Portal from any browser or smartphone - manage your clients’ information, tasks, send secure email to client requesting missing information and more!

Step 3 - Give specific clients access to Portal to log in and upload the required files via shared common folder

Step 4 - Any changes within the Client Track Desktop, such as clients' information, tasks, missing information automatically syncs to the online Client Track Portal.

How To Securely Send & Receive Files
Using the Client Track Portal

Send Secure Emails with Portal’s Add-In In Outlook

Step 1 - You

Portal - Outlook Add-In

Compose message in Outlook and click ‘Encrypt Email’. Upload your files,add password hint and send encrypted email. No need to log into seperate window any more!

Step 2 - Your Client

Portal - Secure Email Notification

Client receives an email notification of encrypted email. Click ‘View/Download Encrypted Email’ - insert password to unlock the email content and attached files. That’s it!

Send Secure Emails Using Our Online Portal

Step 1 - You

Portal - Secure Email Send

In our browser-based Portal, click ‘Send Secure Emails & Files’ from sidebar. Select email type, type in information for recipient, compose message, add password hint, drag ‘n drop files and click ’Send’. Email and uploaded files are encrypted.

Step 2 - Your Client

Portal - Secure Email Notification

Client receives an email notification of secure email. Click ‘View Your Email’ - insert password to unlock the email content and attached files. No Portal account required.

Anyone can Securely Send You Files At Anytime Using the
'Secure Upload Link' in Your Email Signature and On Your Website

Step 1 - Your Client

Portal - Upload Link Signature

Client clicks on the Secure file image in email signature and fills out the Secure Email form and uploading the files you need and then click ‘Submit’.

Step 2 - You

Portal - Signature Uploads

An email notification gets automatically sent to you indicating that client has uploaded files into your Virtual Filing Cabinet. Open the appropriate folder to view the files.

Give Clients Portal Access to Common Shared Folder

You & Your Client

Portal - Secure Email Notification

You can give specific clients access to the Portal - client logs in from any browser or smartphone to view a shared folder where you and the client can upload and share files with eachother via Shared Virtual Filing Cabinet.

Our Intuitive user experience means your customers
will say "Thank You!" and nothing else.

Client Track Portal Overview

Video - 5:14 minutes

The video shows a quick overview of the key features within the Client Track Portal; a great add-on that works with your Client Track Desktop.

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We also offer a Client Track Portal app for your phone and tablet to make it much more convenient for you! The app is compatible with Android devices and available for download for FREE on Google Play.

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